I am originally from Pittsfield. I gained experience running an auto body shop in Quincy, Illinois, and wanted to return to Pike County and Pittsfield to live and work. I believe that being a strong part of a community and being involved in community service are important for anyone doing business in a community, so I wanted to do business in the place where I had roots. I believe that what’s right is right. This philosophy has been effective as a business strategy. We have been in business for 21 years, and we can take care of each customer as an individual. We make sure that each customer has a good experience in our shop

Our customers appreciate that we are locally owned and operated and that we provide warranties on our work. Customers that use an auto body shop that is locally owned and operated know that the owner will remember them when they call. Customers also know that the owner of a local auto body shop has a much greater interest in repeat business than an employee at a large chain. Involvement in community service demonstrates to customers and potential customers that we are interested in being a part of the community, that we consider the community our home, and are not running the business just to extract money from the community. Offering warranties on our work demonstrates to customers that we make sure that we do the work correctly the first time so that we do not have to waste time and money doing work over.

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